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Welcome to Keep Out The Box

Based in Hythe Kent but originally founded in London in 1999, Keep Out The Box delivers cutting-edge design, website development, digital marketing, and consultancy services to a diverse clientele, ranging from local sole-trader businesses to global corporations. Our extensive experience spans various industry sectors and countries, managing budgets ranging from £500 to £5M. Our unwavering strategy prioritises innovative thinking, steering clear of conventional norms and trends. While we stay attuned to current trends, our commitment to thinking differently (Out the Box) ensures that the products or services we promote stand out from the crowd. At Keep Out The Box, we empower businesses to autonomously drive successful sales and marketing initiatives. Rather than developing bespoke systems, we advocate and train our clients in the use of modern, automated, user-friendly systems designed for minimal support. Gone are the days of relying on costly experts to manage your Digital Marketing. With some initial guidance in design and strategy, coupled with training on the right systems, you can establish your online presence and independently execute a successful sales and marketing process. We love collaborating with interesting people and unusual projects. Regardless of your industry or future endeavours, no matter how unconventional they may seem, we would love to hear about them and discuss them with you.

Recent Work/Clients

SED & New Build

An informational website for construction company South East Developments and New Builds based in Folkestone Kent.

View Here

Iphone Build Kent.png
The Waterfront Home Page.PNG
Iphone The Waterfront.png

The Waterfront

An Informational website for The Waterfront Restaurant in Hythe, including Menus, Reservations Booking Forms.

View Here

Golden Brown

An Informational website for Golden Brown Sunbed Salon, Café and Cocktail Bar in Cheriton, Folkestone.

View Here

Golden Brown Home Page.PNG
Iphone Golden Brown.png
King Cujo Home Page.PNG
Iphone King Cujo.png

King Cujo

An Informational website for North London Alternative Rock band King Cujo, Including Music and Videos.

View Here

Jamay Home Page.PNG
Iphone Jamay Consulting.png

Jamay Consulting

An Informational website for Consultancy and Software House Jamay Consulting based in Nottingham.

View Here


An Ecommerce and Gallery website for Hythe based Digital Artist Keepsie. 

View Here

Keepsie Home Page.PNG
Iphone Keepsie.png
Art On The Edge Homepage.PNG
Iphone Edge.png

Art On The Edge

A Gallery website for a group of artists based around Kent and East Sussex.

Cream Directors

An Informational website for a global agency that supply Film Directors for films and adverts, based in Sandgate.

View Here

Cream Directors Home Page.PNG
Iphone Cream Directors.png
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